Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Image - Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Image – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. In India, you would need a website to apply and a pan card to get paid. In Amazon Affiliate Marketing, three parties are involved. They are the Merchant, Amazon Affiliate Network, and your website. The Process of Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to first conduct niche research. Find out a low competition and profitable niche. Next would be to do keyword research. Then start out with a website for the select niche and write articles on your niche. Sign up for an ‘’ account. Once approved go through their website and create links to specific products on your site. Widgets can also be embedded on your site. Amazon’s massive data and optimization make it possible for the vast majority of affiliate website users to end up buying from them. Check the Amazon T&Cs and privacy policy and follow the rules for not getting banned.

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