Adsense Auto Ads

Image - Adsense Auto Ads
Image – Adsense Auto Ads

Set up Adsense Auto Ads. Select the type of Ads you would like to turn on for your site. Google then automatically starts serving Ads on your site that optimizes for UX and revenues. Create a URL group for domains, subdomains, site sections, etc. Using Advanced settings implement different ad settings on various parts of your site. The URL setting allows the placement of in-feed Ads on URL/videos but not on URL/stores. In the ‘Adsense Auto Ads preview’ tool see where the Ads are displayed on desktop and mobile devices. View the Auto Ads under the site setting and note that it is turned ‘On’. You have the option of allowing Google to optimize Auto ad units. Find out Ad Formats that are displayed on your site and the option of deleting them. Ad load feature can control the number of Ads shown on your site. Through Page exclusions, restrict serving Ads on particular pages of your website.

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