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Use Quora for Business to gain visibility as top answers tend to have a viral effect. Quora ranks high in Google search. Become a credible writer on Quora as your work can feature in prime magazines such as Time, Forbes, etc. Top writers can earn a Quora badge which demonstrates authority in their respective domain of expertise. Make Money Online by employing different techniques in the Quora partner program to ask questions and get paid. Utilize Quora Q&A for business promotion or advancing your individual profile. Follow Quora Advertising best practices in your Marketing Strategy. Get to know the basics of advertising on Quora by setting up a campaign, ad sets, ads, and pixel – base & event. Further, optimize your ad campaigns & automate. By adding a Google Analytics campaign tag to your URL posts, answers, etc on Quora, you can track visits of Quora users on your site.

Quora Funnels can chalk out a 3-stage buyer journey to target your audience on Quora. The top of the funnel constitutes activities described best for creating awareness among your audience. While the middle of the funnel is for generating leads and the bottom for conversions to purchase of a product or service. Make money online by joining the Quora Space Program. If Quora derives an income by showing ads on your space then the space owners can expect a portion of the revenue earned. This will require a minimum – 500 impressions and a payout of USD 10.

Quora for Business – Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

fig1-Navigating through the Quora Interface
fig1-Navigating through the Quora Interface

Quora for Business: Interface & navigation

Sign up for a Quora account fig2.

fig2-Sign up for an account on Quora
fig2-Sign up for an account on Quora

Create a Quora profile based on your real identity that reflects your specialty. Include keywords separating each with the pipe symbol. Include social proof, education, employment, location, topics, languages, etc. Your Profile summary should demonstrate your expertise and tell a story that can have links for people to click and know more about you. Add your photo and link your social media accounts. Add relevant info to the topics you have selected.

fig3-Choose a Space
fig3-Choose a Space

Choose Spaces having a large number of followers. Space ‘Web Design’ has a 3.8M following fig3.

fig4-Quora for Business~Questions
fig4-Quora for Business~Questions

Quora for Business: Questions

Search for topics in the search bar and from the drop-down choose any of the relevant topics you look for. Next click the follow tab below the topic. To get alerts when there are new questions click profile picture>Settings>Email and Notifications> and select the notification. Now find out which question in your niche you want to answer. Find out how many people follow the question you would like to answer. At least 500 people must follow the question. The number of answers to the question is also important. Note that the fewer the answers the more chances are that your answer will stand out. As a rule, choose questions with few answers and a lot of following fig4.

fig5-Quora Question Stats
fig5-Quora Question Stats

The Questions Stats fig5 give you data for the public followers, views, last followed etc.

fig6-Quora for Business~Answers
fig6-Quora for Business~Answers

Quora for Business: Answers

Your answer should provide value as after you answer the followers are notified. Format your answers and back it up with data using links and visuals – images and videos. There are possibilities that some people may follow you fig6. To answer the Quora Question click on the pencil icon next to Answer and start answering the question. Click on the View Stats and log tab and the page will be displayed as per below. Whilst navigating through the Quora interface you will come across the below terminologies.

  • Upvote – Click if you find the answer useful.
  • Downvote – Click if the answer is not up to date, misleading, or irrelevant.
  • Share – If the answer has served its purpose then share it with others in your team.
  • Bookmark – bookmark answer to find for future reference or reading it sometime later
  • Suggest edits – If the answer requires updates then suggest edits to the author to enable readers to consume the right content.
  • Thank – Use the Quora tab to say thanks.
  • Report – If you notice unsolicited content involving sharing misleading information, use the report tab to bring it to the notice of the moderator.
  • Spam – in Quora amounts to little or no value derived from posts, answers, etc. Their main objective is only to drive traffic to merchant websites through irrelevant linking.

Activity on Quora

  • Communicate with your audience
  • Accept Questions from your audience and share ideas.
  • Link social media accounts and invite your audience to connect
  • Never promote your business to your audience but provide solutions and your experiences by leading them to your website.
  • Study the content of others and make sure you are offering value to your audience.
  • Aim for increasing your followings
  • Make use of links and visuals – images & videos
  • Remain up to date and share your expertise

Engagement with the Quora community helps your answer receive the most coveted upvote, comment, and sharing by users if they have found it useful. This calls for more visibility in your feed especially if your answers have no expiry date.

fig7-Quora Answer views generated for the question
fig7-Quora Answer views generated for the question

2.4K views fig7 have been generated for the Answer to the Q-What are some good internet hacks? This question has generated 73 answers. 944 people follow this question.

fig8-Quora for Business~Spaces
fig8-Quora for Business~Spaces

Quora for Business: Spaces.

To write a post on Quora you are required to create a space fig8. Spaces contain posts, questions, shares, and links to promote participation between multiple people. Start with clicking your profile icon. Next, click on the profile name and then click the + icon located below ‘Credentials & Highlights’ to create a space. Give your space a name and choose a topic. As an admin start your post with the objectives of your space. Post regularly and be consistent with your followers. The owner (admin) of the space can opt to invite others – contributors and moderators. Contributors add content to your space. Moderators can manage your space for fast-tracking of submissions. The followers can share helpful answers from Quora or web content and thus help in growing the space.

By creating communities with Quora Spaces, you can share content, links, posts, etc. Publish original content and build on your off-page SEO by leaving links back to your site. Businesses get marketing opportunities to engage with the communities by positioning themselves as experts. By following interesting spaces from the space tab, get content updates based on those topics in your feed.

Quora for Business: Traffic

  • Create a professional profile. Link your website in your profile. Include additional links in your opt-in page, social media links, and your bio summary.
  • Create your Quora Space and link your blog posts
  • Comment and leave helpful links to your blog post. In doing so keep in mind Quora guidelines that can ban your account for Spam.
  • Drive traffic to your website by answering questions on Quora. Choose the right questions and write good answers that can receive many views. Follow the rule of writing answers to questions having few answers but large followings.
  • Blend your Quora marketing with Email marketing to follow relevant linking strategies that can obtain referral traffic. Use a lead magnet by offering something free to convince visitors to give their email addresses.
  • Answer questions about your brand. Connect your customers with a link that lands them on the right web page to convert. How your brand can provide solutions to people who come to the Quora platform to find answers to their queries.
  • The Quora funnel is very clear about answering Questions with a lot of volume traffic that will rank high and attract upvotes.

Quora for Business: Analytics

By adding UTM parameters to campaign tags for the URLs posts or answers, you can track visits to your Quora answers and posts on Google Analytics. As Quora filters all text, you will not be able to add your own Google Analytics tag to the code.

With the free Quora Analytics tool, track your questions, answers, posts for clicks, views, shares, comments, and upvotes. These performance metrics help you to gauge what works on Quora and how your content can be leveraged for maximizing engagement. Not many metrics are offered by Quora. For promoted answers metrics are impression, clicks, event tracking, etc. Engagement metrics for promoted answers are views, upvotes, and shares. The Quora Build in feature allows you to analyze ad performance for deciding on success contribution that can be attributed to your ad campaigns and ad set.

fig9-Quora for Business-Advertising
fig9-Quora for Business-Advertising

Quora for Business: Advertising

Ads on Quora are justified because users spend a lot of time on the platform reading content. The results of Quora appear on Google search results.

Quora Ads Platform

Use the Quora Ad platform to find questions. Select the questions that apply the most to your audience. Write valuable content and incorporate relevant links to add value for your audience. Suggest edits if necessary to top answers on Quora. The Quora ad platform uses the same concept of PPC advertising adopted by Google or Facebook.

Campaign Set up in Quora

The +Create Campaign button helps you get started with campaigns. The campaigns on Quora are either conversion or app installs. Advertisers submit a bid value they want to pay for a click. Text-based ads target users based on their interest, location, or platform either mobile or desktop. Ad structure for text ads is similar to that of Google. No minimum spends are required to get started on Quora’s self-service ad platform.

Quora Pixel

Set up and install the Quora Pixel by clicking the Quora Pixel tab in your Quora Ads Manager account. Add the pixel javascript code to the head tag on your website pages where traffic is required to be assessed. Copy the unique pixel ID and paste it in Google Tag Manager. The Quora pixel generates data which is helpful in creating audiences for targeting. The referral URLs for the last 15 min can be seen under the Conversion Pixel > ‘Recent Views on the Pixel’.

Businesses can target their Ads under options such as Topic targeting, Question targeting, Audience targeting, and Interest targeting. The ad set allows targeting your audience based on topic targeting or audience targeting. The topics in the topic targeting are keywords to choose questions where your ads need to display. In audience targeting, the Pixel selects a specific segment of website visitors and targets them when they come back on Quora. Both retargeting and lookalike audience targeting is possible with the Quora pixel. Targeting on Quora is both intent-based as in Google or interest-based as in Facebook.

Campaign Optimization & Automation

Advertisers on Quora can take advantage of the conversion-optimized campaigns feature. You can now optimize your campaigns for conversions if you have installed the Quora pixel on your site. Quora will then deliver ads to users who are most likely to convert. Advertisers have to set up a target cost per action (CPA) and will be charged on a cost per 1000 impression (CPM) basis. Quora Lead Generation Forms can integrate with Zapier for automation of leads when users submit info to other apps.