Adsense Auto Ads

Image - Adsense Auto Ads
Image – Adsense Auto Ads

Set up Adsense Auto Ads. Select the type of Ads you would like to turn on for your site. Google then automatically starts serving Ads on your site that optimizes for UX and revenues. Create a URL group for domains, subdomains, site sections, etc. Using Advanced settings implement different ad settings on various parts of your site. The URL setting allows the placement of in-feed Ads on URL/videos but not on URL/stores. In the ‘Adsense Auto Ads preview’ tool see where the Ads are displayed on desktop and mobile devices. View the Auto Ads under the site setting and note that it is turned ‘On’. You have the option of allowing Google to optimize Auto ad units. Find out Ad Formats that are displayed on your site and the option of deleting them. Ad load feature can control the number of Ads shown on your site. Through Page exclusions, restrict serving Ads on particular pages of your website.

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All in One SEO Pack

Image - All In One SEO Pack
Image – All In One SEO Pack

Install the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ plugin and activate it. Boost your online SEO presence by optimizing your site with the ‘All in One SEO Pack’. Consider keyword strategies and add SEO and Social Media info to posts and pages. Create XML sitemaps with this plugin. It provides an easy way for search robots to investigate your website. This SEO WordPress plugin informs search engines whenever you publish new content. Integrate with WooCommerce and incorporate eCommerce microdata functionality for display on SERPs. Automatically generate metatags. Moreover, it supports Google Analytics, WordPress AMP Plugin install, and can redirect errors in Google Search Console. It has its own built-in API and includes tweaks to WordPress Performance. Avoid confusion with categories and tags. Construct an import file that can be reused and import SEO content.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Image - Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Image – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. In India, you would need a website to apply and a pan card to get paid. In Amazon Affiliate Marketing, three parties are involved. They are the Merchant, Amazon Affiliate Network, and your website. The Process of Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to first conduct niche research. Find out a low competition and profitable niche. Next would be to do keyword research. Then start out with a website for the select niche and write articles on your niche. Sign up for an ‘’ account. Once approved go through their website and create links to specific products on your site. Widgets can also be embedded on your site. Amazon’s massive data and optimization make it possible for the vast majority of affiliate website users to end up buying from them. Check the Amazon T&Cs and privacy policy and follow the rules for not getting banned.

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Affiliate Marketing

Video-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most productive way in relation to cost for marketing of goods and services to grow your business. Affiliate marketing recruits third parties to direct sales to their business through a network of marketers. To rope in affiliate use different recruiting methods and program structures. Affiliates are referred to as the extended arm of your business. Know about the concepts and the compensation methods for affiliates. In Affiliate Marketing the advertisers or merchants can reward affiliates when they bring visitors to their websites with their efforts. Affiliates get paid for all their marketing and branding efforts only after the sale of products or services. In Affiliate marketing, Merchants design affiliate compliant programs by writing description and terms and conditions. Communicate with affiliates as they join the program and optimize.

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Google Adsense

     Image - Google Adsense
Image – Google Adsense

Google Adsense provides an opportunity to website owners in serving Ads. These can be automatic video, images, text and rich media ads aimed at your content to reach the audience visiting your site. Persons desirous to make money by promoting their website more effectively need to understand how Google Adsense operates. First set up an Adsense account and create new ad units. Display ads on a website & configure channels and ad styles. Allow and block ads. Review the Adsense dashboard. Run Adsense reports & custom reports, review payee & account settings, and export data. The amount you earn will vary because Advertisers pay different prices for different Ads. After understanding the concepts you can manage Google Adsense on your website.

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