Majestic SEO

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Image-Majestic SEO
Image-Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a backlink tool having exhaustive data to display for analysis that require a full backlink profile. The backlink index goes back to 2011. Majestic backlink crawlers provide meaningful insights into competitors’ backlinks. It provides reports for the presentation of their backlink profile. Partnering opportunities with sites, tracking the progress of what content works, and competitor analytics play a role in getting more traffic to your websites. Majestic own search engines with ranking factors help bring more traffic to your site. Metrics used are Citation Flow (number of backlinks), Trust Flow (quality of backlinks), and Topical Trust Flow (importance of a site industry-wise). Several tools are available for backlink and domain comparison and link building. Information is retrieved quickly and tools can handle bulk requests. Searches can be conducted for Fresh index or full historic data.

The Dashboard of Majestic SEO.

fig1-Majestic SEO Dashboard
fig1-Majestic SEO Dashboard

Majestic SEO login by first registering for a free account and go to the Dashboard from ‘MyAccount’. Use the 3 free basic tools such as Site Explorer Preview, Majestic Million, and the Majestic Plugins. Access for free (1) The number of links to the URL & domain (2) The no. of domains that link to the URL and domain. (3) Citation Flow, (4) Trust Flow (5) Link profile graph of the citation flow (6) trust flow of all these links and (7) Timeline charts of how the page acquired links over time.

Majestic SEO: Basic Tools

The free plan allows you to access the above three basic tools.

fig2-Majestic SEO~Site Explorer

Site Explorer

Enter your website or your competitors’ website in the box bar for which you want to do backlink analysis. For your own site find out who is linking and the type of links you get. For your competitors’ site find out who is linking to them and try to get the same links for your site. I will enter and click enter.

fig3-fresh index v/s historic index
fig3-fresh index v/s historic index

Majestic SEO: Fresh Index & Historic Index

Two option for search is available. The fresh index is the links that you get in the past 90 days.  The historic index shows all the backlinks from the beginning your site had.

fig4-External Backlinks, Referring Domains, IPs & Subnets
fig4-External Backlinks, Referring Domains, IPs & Subnets

External Backlinks, Referring Domains, IPs & Subnets

Referring domains show all the domains that are linking to it and the number of backlinks that particular domain has. A paid account will show the number of external backlinks that point to your site or the number of domains the backlinks come from (which is a referring domain) or the number of IP the backlinks come from.
A referring IP means that many domains can be hosted from one IP address.
Referring subnets show which Class C subnets include the domain links.

fig5-Anchor Text & Backlinks Tab
fig5-Anchor Text & Backlinks Tab

Anchor Text & Backlinks Tab

The anchor text lets you know the keywords that you got links for.

fig6-#Anchor Text-Keywords

Drill down on each keyword to find referring domains and external backlinks pertaining to that keyword. The backlinks tab show specific URLs linking it to not just the domain but the exact URL with columns showing trust flow and the citation flow for URL and domain. The last column shows the link when it was first indexed, seen, and deleted (removed or broken)?

New & Lost Tab

fig7-New Tab
fig7-New Tab

The new tab shows new links received and when they were received. It mainly shows the most recent links received. On top, the graph shows the recent links received. Clicking on any of these bars you get more information about the links received on a particular date.

fig8-Lost Tab
fig8-Lost Tab

The lost tab shows the links that are now dead and no longer exist. Click on the bars and it takes you to the links that were lost. Mark that particular date and look into this for the days where a high number of links were lost.

Map, Pages & Topics Tab

The map tab shows where the links are coming from. Hover over the little dots on the map for more detail. The pages tab show which pages on the site receive the most links. In most cases, it is the home page. A tweek to the home page shows which pages on your site are popular and get the most links. The topics tab shows external links only.

Trust Flow, Citation Flow & Topical Trust Flow

After clicking ‘enter’ you will see a grey box with two circles that stand for trust flow and citation flow
Trust flow evaluates the websites linking to you. Quality links from good content websites are supported by Google. Trust flow integrations with make it possible to monitor, manage social media, and further drill down to see if the information is from a trusted source.
Citation Flow decides how dominant a site is by counting the number of links it gets. For citation flow greater than trust flow, it means your site has a lot of links and they could be spam or untrustworthy. On the other hand, if trust flow is greater than the citation flow, it means you have good quality links.
Topical Trust Flow gives you the importance of a site by industry.

Trust Ratio

Trust Ratio is trust flow divided by citation flow. The trust ratio is greater than one for a higher trust flow.

fig9-External BackLinks Link Profile

Multiple Backlink Comparison Tools

The Majestic Comparison tools are Bulk Backlink Checker (checks 400 URL at a time), Compare Tool (compares 10 domains side by side with dark bars showing highest scores), Link Profile Fight (shows graph Citation Flow versus Trust Flow) and Campaigns (a place to save a group of related URLs for analysis).

Neighborhood & Keyword Checker

The neighborhood Checker tool shows the referring IPs of a site’s backlinks. The Keyword checker checks the times a keyword (or phrase) appears in Majestic’s index for the keyword in URLs, titles, and anchor text.

Link Profile

Page Rank will be high if your website has a high Trust and Citation Flow. The y-axis in the graph represents the trust flow. The x-axis represents the citation flow. A website of low quality will have fewer links with an area of dark color lower to the Trust axis and closer to the origin. Government and Education links are displayed. These backlinks are difficult to get and carry weight in rankings.

fig10-Trust Flow v/s Citation Flow for Referring Domains & External Backlinks
fig10-Trust Flow v/s Citation Flow for Referring Domains & External Backlinks

The Link profile tab shows two graphs. The First showing Flow Metrics of the referring domains. The second shows the Flow Metrics of the referring backlinks. This tool can decide whether a backlink is worth following for building a relationship with that website.

fig11-Majestic Million
fig11-Majestic Million

Majestic Million

A number showing the top one million domains as measured by Majestic.

fig12-Majestic Position
fig12-Majestic Position

Data is fresh and updates follow several times a day. In 2019 about 1.94 billion websites are there on the internet. Access the backlink history by a ‘pro plan’ which provides two charts. They are the ‘external backlinks discovery’ and the ‘referring domains discovery’ over the past 12-month period.

fig13-Backlinks History
fig13-Backlinks History

Click on these two charts for the backlink history tool for more info. The insights it offers us is to find the position of your site if ranked within the one million. Check the position of your competitors whether they are above or below your site. View the incoming links of the sites. Figures in red indicate that you are losing links whereas green indicates gaining of links. If your site features in the top million consider it a big achievement.

fig14-Majestic Plugins
fig14-Majestic Plugins

Majestic SEO: Plugins

In Majestic, the concentration is on backlinks in place of search. The plugins for Chrome and Firefox are available for free. Add these extensions for a quick review. The Plugin for Chrome and Firefox can run Link Analyzer on page whilst browsing and shows –

  • the no of links to the page
  • the no of domains that link to the page
  • the no of links to the domain &
  • the no of domains that link to the domain
  • citation flow score from 0-100.
  • trust flow score from 0-100.
  • link profile chart (citation flow v/s trust flow).
  • timeline charts (how links were acquired over time).

Majestic SEO: Pricing Plans

Read more by clicking on ‘Majestic Pricing Plans’ to know what options are available for the paid version. With a free account, most of the features cannot be accessed. Clique hunter tool shows the analysis of up to 10 domain sites that backlink to more than one site. It provides opportunities for link building. Search explorer is a majestic search engine. The URL submitter allows adding 100 links for crawling by Majestic bots. Majestic’s Open App API integrates with other software. They are Advanced Web Ranking, Buzzstream, Buzzsumo, Firefox and Chrome browsers, Google Sheets & Search Console, Rank Ranger, Remove ‘em, SEO tools for excel, etc.


Majestic works best for SEO Companies, Agencies, and dedicated full-time SEO hardcore specialists who spend all of their time doing SEO work. They research their clients’ websites and their competitors to provide backlink profiles. The tool is not suitable for SMBs and individuals who do not lean heavily on SEO. It is not an ‘All-in-One’ SEO tool. Majestic partners with Buzzsumo the content tool that shows the most shared content on social media which includes Majestics’ backlink data.