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Getting Started With Fiverr freelancing platform to work and make money online. Create a Fiverr seller account by going to There is no fee to join. Offer a service or a Gig to earn $5 or more each time you work for someone and get paid online. Become a top Fiverr seller by developing the most in-demand skills. Increase your Fiverr revenue, reviews, customer satisfaction, etc.through research and discover Gigs that sell the best. Set up your Gig and optimize your profile plus Gig listings to attract maximum traffic. Achieve your goal and build a lucrative income with Fiverr. It could take time to make remarkable earnings as you will be competing with top sellers. Target your audience as Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Digital services include Digital Marketing, Internet Marketers, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Editors, Voice Overs, and Freelancers.

Out of the many jobs on Fiverr the most demanding freelancing services are programming & web design, illustrator & graphics, acting & film/ video production, writing & translation services, etc. But in the present age, many other services can also be sold on Fiverr.

1 - Getting Started With Fiverr: Category Digital Marketing and Sub Categories
1 – Getting Started With Fiverr: Category Digital Marketing and Sub Categories

Getting Started With Fiverr by optimizing your profile and Gigs

Business Owners search on Fiverr to seek people who offer professional services and deliver to their entire satisfaction. This necessitates improvising upon your profile and Gigs.

Fiverr Profile

Click the Join tab in the upper menu fig1 and from the dropdown select Profile. Showcase who you are and what your business can mean to them. Incorporate the list of services or specializations you offer. Include a logo to your headshot to increase Gig inquiries and requests.

2 - Fiverr User Name and a short description
2 – Fiverr User Name and a brief description

Choose a user name preferably on the topic you want to target on Fiverr. The brief description given above fig2 should explain all that the target subject is about.

3 - Description and Languages
3 – Description and Languages

Add value to your profile as people view your description first. So Include information relevant to your Gig. Use the space effectively well within the character limit allowed. You can introduce yourself and your profession. What your work experience is all about? What makes you fit the bill for the job? Add the Description fig3 and select the Languages that you want to work with. Learn from Fiverr and skill tests are centered around freelancers providing them skills that can be acted upon and applied to their Gigs. By taking a skill test you can demonstrate your talent, display the results on your profile (or hide) and obtain buyers’ trust.

4 - Skills, Education, and Certification
4 – Skills, Education, and Certification

Add the work skills fig4 you have that you want to apply on Fiverr. Include your education and certifications if any.

5 - Profile Information
5 – Profile Information

Check the options that apply to you fig5. Next, from the drop-down choose any industry your business is related to and save changes. Now you can create your Gig.

6 - Fiverr Voiceover Gigs
6 – Fiverr Voiceover Gigs

Fiverr Gigs

Gig description should meet the requirements of a sales page. The solutions fig6 you offer should address specific problems. Answer questions in advance by anticipating the type of queries you would normally expect. Include these queries to the FAQ section of your Gig. Motivate them to contact you with questions. How can they expect to derive value for money? Explain your credibility as to how you qualify for the job? The more you satisfy them by addressing their queries, the higher is the possibility to bag the order for your Fiverr Gig. Promote your Gigs on social sites – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc and Blog Forums. On every executed order Fiverr will take a 20% cut.

Fiverr Gig Search

Fiverr’s search engine is similar to other search tools. Word listing Gig matches are used by Fiverr to identify Gigs that are relevant in searches. It is not possible to control the ranking factors. Only the word match that appears in searches for our Gigs can be addressed. Rank your Gigs at the top for your keywords. Fiverr’s exact algorithm to rank Gigs is not known. If you have a website then set up a banner display for your Gigs.

Fiverr Gig Pricing

Pricing will depend on the strategy you adopt and the market segment you target. Initially starting with a $5 per Gig would be absolutely fine for a beginner. But what happens when your clients grow and overgrow? Moreover, your pricing needs to accommodate the quality of your work particularly if it is a professional service. Base your pricing on what your competitors charge for a particular service. For eg, if you are a content writer you can charge $5 for a 400-word article, $10 for an 800-word article and $ 20 for a 1200-word article.

Getting Started With Fiverr: Seller Levels & Updates

After you have joined Fiverr and created a Gig you are tagged as a New Seller. Follow Fiverr Best Practices in your Fiverr interactions to reach Level 1 Seller, Level 2 Seller, and Top Rated Seller.

Fiverr Seller Levels

fig7-Fiverr Seller Levels
fig7-Fiverr Seller Levels

You need to meet the stated essentials to qualify for Sellers – Level1, Level2, and Top Rated. The Access provided fig7 for each seller type with their eligibility is outlined in the above tabular format.

Fiverr Updates

The updated level view on your analytics page will show the standards required to be followed in order to maintain the current level of performance when working with buyers. Visit the Fiverr Help and Education Center and go through the FAQs or Forums for updates. This is the place where you can get to know all the information on the latest developments. Also visit Fiverrs’ Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages for all their updates.

Getting Started With Fiverr: Topic Selection

For example, in Fiverr’s Digital Marketing category find a range of services to cater to the progressive needs of this industry. The category is divided into many subcategories shown below.

Fiverr sellers need to optimize their Gigs based on the above subcategories that reflect the specific service they want to provide. This will result in better sales, and higher ratings, as well as easy buying experiences, satisfaction, and interactions between the seller and buyer.

8 - Getting Started With Fiverr: Local Listing and Directory Submission Gigs
8 – Getting Started With Fiverr: Local Listing and Directory Submission Gigs

Getting Started With Fiverr: Directory

Fiverr serves as a directory for freelancers fig8 and refers to freelancers as Sellers. In the dashboard, the menu bar displays a list of categories. When you click on any category more options on subcategories are displayed. Clicking on any subcategory will result in the display of Gig listing for that category in order of star ratings and the number of reviews their previous buyers had left on their profile page.

9 - Getting Started With Fiverr: Fiverr Niche Services
9 – Getting Started With Fiverr: Fiverr Niche Services

Fiverr searchers can find local businesses if they are included in business directories. Refer to the best Gigs on Fiverr Directory submission based on your Niche Market fig9.

10 - Getting Started With Fiverr: Fiverr Pro SEO Services
10 – Getting Started With Fiverr: Fiverr Pro SEO Services

Fiverr Pro

Meeting Fiverr Pro standard will entitle you to open a Pro Gig that gives you access to 110,000,000 Fiverr business users who hire freelancers. Fiverr Pro comes out with opportunities to attain success in the freelancing marketplace. The Pro verified badge fig10 on your Pro Gig implies that buyers know that they get highly professional services. With a pro verified seal on your Gig, you are allowed to charge the price that you deserve for your practice and expertise. Fiverr Pro provides an opportunity for both verified professional sellers and business buyers to work together. Currently, Fiverr Pro is restricted only to the below categories.

  • Graphic and Design.
  • Programming and Tech.
  • Writing and Translation.
  • Video and Animation.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Music and Audio.


To sell on Fiverr you need to be a zealous seller all the time passionate about the work you do. You will be involved with your Gigs whether you are a 9 to 5 worker on Fiverr or work part-time at weekends. It is easy to turn your Gigs on and off and dictate your workflow to understand what work you want. Fiverr is a great platform to launch your freelancing career where you can translate your work skills and understand clients’ expectations in terms of delivery of services. It is not just the $5 Gigs you start with on Fiverr but ‘What long time value Fiverr can provide you with?’ and ‘What clients it provides you?’. When you have satisfied your clients get ready to move on to other bigger freelancer platforms where you get paid much more for bigger projects you are desirous to undertake.