Facebook for Business Promotion

Image-Facebook for Business Promotion.
Image-Facebook for Business Promotion.

Run a business page for your brand and enhance visibility. Get users to engage with your content to get results. SMBs and politicians can establish their brands on social media following best practices. Optimize your Facebook page and settings to get conversions with strategies. Integrate features such as Messenger, Events, and Facebook live. These features in Facebook for business promotion reach out to your communities. Create different types of posts and events and get likes and follows. Grow your audience through groups and automate using an autoresponder service. Develop a Facebook sales funnel and generate revenues by using boosts and Ads. Use data to continuously improve upon the performance of your Facebook page. The Facebook Business Manager manages your pages, ad accounts, catalogs, and pixels in one place. Achieve your business goals by getting new customers.

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Make Crowdfunding work for your project by building a buzz about your product or service. Give your product more exposure by raising capital through the joint effort of well-wishers – friends, family, customers, or investors. The crowdfunding approach is essentially building communities online to reach a potential investor pool through crowdfunding platforms, social media, or email lists. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are rewards-based crowdfunding platforms. Familiarise with other types such as donation-based, and equity crowdfunding. Know the components involved in creating a successful crowdfunding campaign that attracts new financial backers. Fulfill the financial objectives for your project and win supporters for raising funds. Video pitch plays an important role in your crowdfunding promotions for sharing ideas with a bigger audience. Get to know what works and what does not while sourcing monies from the crowd to fund your project. Your supporters are eager to learn about the funding of your project.

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Quora for Business

Video-Quora for Business

Use Quora for Business to gain visibility as top answers tend to have a viral effect. Quora ranks high in Google search. Become a credible writer on Quora as your work can feature in prime magazines such as Time, Forbes, etc. Top writers can earn a Quora badge which demonstrates authority in their respective domain of expertise. Make Money Online by employing different techniques in the Quora partner program to ask questions and get paid. Utilize Quora Q&A for business promotion or advancing your individual profile. Follow Quora Advertising best practices in your Marketing Strategy. Get to know the basics of advertising on Quora by setting up a campaign, ad sets, ads, and pixel – base & event. Further, optimize your ad campaigns & automate. By adding a Google Analytics campaign tag to your URL posts, answers, etc on Quora, you can track visits of Quora users on your site.

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Screaming Frog

Image-Screaming Frog
Image-Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider runs on your website and crawls website URLs to collect key elements to audit onsite technical SEO. Identify and evaluate an SEO crawl on your site using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool. The tool provides simple format reports for SEO evaluation of your site by locating ordinary issues such as duplicate content, broken elements on the page, etc. Check the response codes for your website by inspecting the Client Error (4XX) and Server Error (5XX) inside the response Code tab. It optimizes a website by analyzing on-site elements, such as page titles, meta descriptions, URL structure, images, etc. In the Directives tab, find information about the meta robots tag, canonical links, and rel=next/prev annotations. The SEO spider tool helps improve the performance of websites in search result pages. The tool finds broken links, generates XML sitemaps, crawls JavaScript websites, and a lot more.

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Freelance Copywriter

Image-Freelance Copywriter
Image-Freelance Copywriter

A Freelance Copywriter should use persuasive content applying the power of words to captivate the readers’ attention. Copywriting skills play an important role in leading prospects to take action for successfully bringing about the desired result. It could be a purchase, subscription to email lists, or clicking on affiliate links. This would enable the copy to generate increased sales, & subscribers. The essentials to creating content that converts are writing irresistible headlines. The attention-grabbing headlines are the decisive factor for readers to continue reading. Copywriting for Lead Generation pages is not necessarily sales but obtaining leads. Crafting a well-structured review on blog websites to focus on affiliate product promotion results in pre-selling a product or services. Product descriptions copywriting is mainly applicable to e-commerce stores.

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Content Marketing Techniques

Image - Content Marketing Techniques
Image – Content Marketing Techniques

The onus of your content marketing techniques should be on establishing and enduring a trustworthy relationship with customers. Achieve content marketing goals through engagement, sales, traffic, and seamless UX. Identify your audience and build your content around your brand. Devise content marketing strategies that lend credibility and visibility to your brand. Content Marketing best practices are for integrating email newsletters to remain connected with your audience. Users prefer nicely written curated content in their inbox. Customize your emails by writing enticing subject lines and a CTA that go well with your prospects, combine social media for sharing, and be consistent for growing your list. Optimize content for organic search and promote your endeavors across paid advertising, SMS & email campaigns, mobile app development, etc. Use a content calendar to track the performance of your campaigns by creating a content plan, selecting content types, designing, writing, and editing content.

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Build a business website

Image - Build a business website
Image – Build a business website

Build a business website for your clients and make money online. The essential tools for setting up a website include HTML & CSS. Create, edit, and publish your webpages using a WYSIWYG web editor. Upload your files to your website using free FTP software such as FileZilla. Familiarize with the visual aspects of your website by understanding images & videos, text & color, etc. Obtain PLR Content and create and publish your free eBook. Use Google Search Console to index your web pages. Build your business using Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Set up Google Analytics and claim your Google My Business page. Use Autoresponders to generate leads and capture emails to build a mailing list. Generate traffic to your website. Monetize your websites using PPC Ads – Google Ads & Bing, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing.

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Freelance Digital Marketing

Image - Freelance Digital Marketing
Image – Freelance Digital Marketing

Freelance Digital Marketing requires mastery of essential skills. Lay the foundation by getting started as a freelancer or set up your own agency with a team of professionals. Learn about the basics by setting up a budget, time management, pricing your services, and invoicing. You will need a contract whilst communicating with your customers and create proposals. Build trust by using testimonials and case studies. Find customers online on freelance platforms eg UpWork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, etc. Handle difficult customers and at times you may have to diplomatically decline offers. Sell yourself as a freelancer by targeting and messaging your clients. Chalk out your daily activities to follow leads and find clients. Use CRM and follow best practices. Seek promoters and get referrals for your freelancing business. Freelancers in digital marketing provide consultancy on their own T&C. Head your own business and develop your own branding.

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Getting Started With Fiverr

Image - Getting Started With Twitter
Image – Getting Started With Fiverr

Getting Started With Fiverr freelancing platform to work and make money online. Create a Fiverr seller account by going to https://www.fiverr.com/. There is no fee to join. Offer a service or a Gig to earn $5 or more each time you work for someone and get paid online. Become a top Fiverr seller by developing the most in-demand skills. Increase your Fiverr revenue, reviews, customer satisfaction, etc.through research and discover Gigs that sell the best. Set up your Gig and optimize your profile plus Gig listings to attract maximum traffic. Achieve your goal and build a lucrative income with Fiverr. It could take time to make remarkable earnings as you will be competing with top sellers. Target your audience as Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Digital services include Digital Marketing, Internet Marketers, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Editors, Voice Overs, and Freelancers.

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Google Blogger

Image -Google Blogger
Image -Google Blogger

Blogspot or Google Blogger is a free tool to create and promote your blog posts for newbies. Blogs can be professional or personal. To create a new blog post add a title and address. The address by default will be with the extension blogspot.com. Gmail account is mandatory. The platform provides a setup to start configuring your new blog without much technical knowledge. With a single account, you can create multiple blogs. The tool provides you a set of templates for use. The build-in tool dashboard allows for customization of templates, background color, layout, adjustment of blog widths, etc. Create and Include pages to your blog such as contact, about, privacy, etc. Add a logo to your blog and add or remove gadgets. Monetize your blog by displaying ads using Google Adsense. Get paid by Google every time your visitor views and clicks on the ads.

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