HTML Images

Image-HTML Images
Image-HTML Images

In HTML Images know what the different image formats are? Insert images on web pages and view them on different devices. File formats such as GIF and SVG are line art whereas JPEG is for photos. Choose SVG when it comes to drawing an icon or a logo. The optimization process for images is called compression. The essentials of placing an image on a web page are the element and the ‘src’ attribute. Some of your website users may be visually impaired. The images can be made accessible to them by using the ‘alt’ attribute (alternate text). The ‘alt’ text provides a description for such users who cannot see the screen. These users can access through a screen reader. Rightclick on any image and find out the width and height from the image info. Resize dimensions to the right size if needed by using the width and height attributes.

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On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Image-On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Search engine optimization is both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Both drives traffic to your website. Off-page SEO is the action taken outside the website to enhance its SERP. They do not require any changes made on your site. The basis of Off-page SEO efforts is the links that you get to your website from external websites. As a result, many high-quality backlinks are created through social media, link building, and social book marketing sites. On-Page SEO involves optimizing titles, meta descriptions, etc, structure URL properly, user-friendly navigation (user sitemaps & breadcrumbs), optimized internal links, text formatting (h1, h2, bold, italics, etc), image optimization (image size, relevant image name, use of ALT tag), 404 user-friendly pages, fast loading pages, mobile-friendly pages, top-quality content, external links (no links to bad reputation sites and no broken links), target keywords, & footers for branding.

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Optimize Image Loading Speed

Image – Optimize Image Loading Speed

Image file size matters whilst loading images on websites. Images produced in photo-editing software are attractive to look but the file sizes are sizeable. When these images are loaded on websites they take time to load. Sizing images based on requirements reduces the loading time of web pages. Optimize Image Loading Speed implies that images are served to the user without them having to wait for much time to download. Further, understand what lossy and lossless compression is all about. A small quantum of memory storage makes lossy compression good to Optimize Image Loading Speed on the web. Images can be saved in any dimension.CSS & HTML can resize images but the download would require the entire file size to be downloaded first and next resized and then displayed. Compress images in the correct format to improve your load page times.

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Brackets Code Editor

Image-Brackets Code Editor
Image-Brackets Code Editor

Brackets Code Editor is an open-source for Web Designers by Adobe. Download and Install Brackets []. The ‘Live Code Preview’ automatically updates files without having to write any code. Use brackets to edit documents. The ‘Inline Editor’ edits multiple files and supports preprocessors. As you use the ‘Inline Editor’ to see the code applied to a particular element or class you get a view of the LESS or SCSS files with the processed CSS files. Many APIs can hook into brackets to create custom scripts or brackets plugins. Make your brackets experience better with extensions. Install and remove plugins and themes. To add extensions use the Extension Manager to install update packages. In the Bracket’s toolbar access it by selecting File > Extension Manager. Optimized for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Brackets can be used on a Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Image-Bounce Rate in Google Analytics
Image-Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics is calculated as the visits with only a one-page view divided by total visits. GA server records those visitors which viewed a single page and triggered a single request. In other words, a website bounce rate in GA is actually the percentage of single interaction visits to a website meaning single-page visitors. A high bounce rate could mean either the page quality is low or the page does not have the audience engage. Users cannot find relevant content or the visitors could quickly find information about what they are looking such as a link or an address on the websites’ landing page. Analyze bounce rate metrics using your marketing skills by measuring website fulfillment in terms of visitor expectations leading to their interaction with your site. The page that needs more attention, can be made ‘more inviting’ to engage with your audience.

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Regex Basics

Image - Regex Basics
Image – Regex Basics

Regex Basics starts with symbols and basic syntax to find and manipulate text. Use character sets and repetition expressions to create flexible matching patterns. The Regex engine parses text to find matches and utilizes greedy and lazy strategies. Capture text and lazy strategies as it finds matches. Refer back to it later by using backreferences. Discover look around assertions to create complex matching patterns. Complex Regex can search for anything such as email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, prices, zip code, etc. Build step by step and explore some of the common and useful Regular Expressions. Write Regular Expressions for pattern matching, text manipulation, and parsing data. In JavaScript, it can be an object. Regex comes in different flavors based on the programming language or the application. The PCRE-version stands for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. It is credited for popularizing the usage of RegEx. PCRE is also used in PHP.

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Google Analytics Goals And Funnels

Image-Google Analytics Goals And Funnels
Image-Google Analytics Goals And Funnels

Correctly configure Google Analytics Goals And Funnels. Set up Goals in GA and choose your goal type. Goal types can be Destination, Duration, Pages/Screens, and Events. Know what each goal types are and how to set them? Goals track the action of visitors on your website that allows measuring your KPIs. Track the goals you have set and view them. Goals are restricted to 20 per reporting view. To track more than 20 goals add another view for that property. When the user performs the defined action that you set as a goal, analytics records it as a conversion. Goal funnels are the users’ journey through a series of webpages before goal completion. A funnel is combined with a goal and determines how users enter and exit your website. In GA there are 3 types of funnels. They are Goal funnel, Sales funnel, and Multi-channel goals or sales funnel.

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Image-CSS for HTML
Image-CSS for HTML

CSS for HTML is a must for front end web developers. Cascading Style Sheets works with HTML to enhance its look in the browser. Style HTML elements by using CSS selectors. The five types of selectors are simple, combinator, pseudo-class, pseudo-elements, and attribute. Many CSS properties can be specified to style different HTML elements. A CSS property declaration is made up of a property name and a property value. CSS is continuously progressing that calls for even greater control of the presentation of web pages. Understand the CSS box model and layout concepts. Set margin and paddings and position elements. Work with fonts and colors and structure webpages. Create CSS code, background images, add classes, IDs, float, layers, embedded style sheets, external style sheets, and more. Use media queries to adapt content for different web device sizes. Free tools are Code Pen, Chrome Dev Tools, Chrome Plugin- Pesticide.

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Freelance Copywriter

Image-Freelance Copywriter
Image-Freelance Copywriter

A Freelance Copywriter should use persuasive content applying the power of words to captivate the readers’ attention. Copywriting skills play an important role in leading prospects to take action for successfully bringing about the desired result. It could be a purchase, subscription to email lists, or clicking on affiliate links. This would enable the copy to generate increased sales, & subscribers. The essentials to creating content that converts are writing irresistible headlines. The attention-grabbing headlines are the decisive factor for readers to continue reading. Copywriting for Lead Generation pages is not necessarily sales but obtaining leads. Crafting a well-structured review on blog websites to focus on affiliate product promotion results in pre-selling a product or services. Product descriptions copywriting is mainly applicable to e-commerce stores.

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Keyword Research

Image-Keyword Research
Image-Keyword Research

Keyword Research identifies search queries that people enter into search engines to make an attempt to find out what to rank for in a popular keyword. The Keyword is a word or a phrase which when typed in the browser of the search engines returns specific information. Develop and understand the scope of keywords to put up a seed list. Explore sources of distinct keywords. Analyze keywords based on a mix of customer intent, trending keywords, use of negative keywords, etc to find what works? Formulate keyword strategies for optimizing websites for continuous flow of traffic. Concepts relating to the keyword are keyword frequency, keyword weight, keyword proximity, keyword prominence, and keyword density. A keyword phrase consists of two or more words often used by advertisers in SEO, or by users who visit search engines to find information related to that particular phrase.

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